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Want it Gone? Call us today!

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Do you have a car that is just sitting in the driveway and taking up space? Are you not exactly sure where you want to take the vehicle?


If you call Westville Automotive today, we'll come to your home and remove / recycle the vehicle for you. The best part is that we'll pay you to let us remove your car!


You don't need to pay for us to retrieve your car!

We provide FREE pickup service for customers in our service area. When we come to pick up the car, please provide signed title or registration. If a title is not available, please fill out and provide MV-35 or MV-37.

  • Abandoned cars

  • Broken down cars

  • Junk cars

It's absolutely time to get rid of your junk car for good:  219-785-2064

We pay cash for cars, including: